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Our company benefits from the infrastructural and locational advantages of the Southern region of Leipzig. We have more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing and processing traditional rubber and synthetic materials. Innovative materials and technologies allow the opening of new market segments. In doing so, we focus on the production of customer-specific large and small batch series as well as unique items. 

Sponge Rubber 

Made in Germany

Sponge Rubber is a soft-elastic rubber material based on natural rubber with an open pore structure. Available in different qualities and cell structures, densities and elasticities as well as its high abrasion resistance and water absorption capacity, the material offers a wide range of applications.


The rubber compound consists of up to 50% natural rubber from select Asian producers, a pure white filler and vulcanized vegetable oils. 

Properties include 

  • High elasticity, plasticity and compressibility
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • High absorbency and water absorption capacity
  • High resistance against acids, bases, oils and lubricants
  • Elongation at break between 350% und 600%
  • Tensile strength between 10 N/cm² and 60 N/cm²
  • Good heat resistance and cold characteristics between -40 °C and + 80 °C 

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